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Everything you’ll ever need to know about the RoosterMoney app. New releases, quick hacks and feature tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your app.


Kids saving RoosterMoney

8 ways to get your kids excited about saving

The best way to learn is by doing, and by giving your kids a bit more control over their allowance, they can start to make decisions about what to stash away in savings or put towards their goals.   1. Get them logged in ūüď≤ If your child has their own device, they can login […]

Illustration of a boy under a spotlight pointing at a device with the RoosterMoney app's Spend pot boost screen on it, on a dark blue stage with confetti overlaid

Review past activity with the new Pot History

To kick off the year, we thought it would be nice if you and your kids could reflect on past transactions. So we’ve added a new¬†History¬†feature which lets you look back at activity in your¬†Spend, Save and Give pots! Just click the total from the pot you’re in, and voila, you have that pot’s History! […]

The pots in RoosterMoney illustrated with a glitter effect on a blue background with origami shapes in the corners

Introducing Spend, Save & Give

When we set up RoosterMoney, we were very clear on our mission.¬†We believe the world would be a better place if we all started talking about money earlier. Since we launched, more than 200,000 of you have joined our Rooster Family; thank you for your amazing support ūüéČ Along with the rest of the team, […]

The RoosterMoney child dashboard screen against a dark blue origami background with origami shapes decorating the bottom corners

Getting Started with RoosterMoney

Welcome! You‚Äôve joined thousands of other families in getting pocket money sorted. Watch our overview video and read our¬†5 tips to make the most of RoosterMoney. View video on Vimeo >> 1. Add your kids & set an automatic allowance “No more arguing about whether or not allowance was paid.‚ÄĚ (ScallywagPA, 5 star rating) Weekly, […]

The RoosterMoney Jobs screen accompanied by illustrations of the jobs, interest rate, regulars and multiple guardians features against a blue background decorated with origami shapes in the bottom corners

Getting Started with PLUS

Exciting news: RoosterPLUS is here! We‚Äôve listened to parents and children alike and created additional building blocks to power up your RoosterMoney account – and now you can involve the entire family! Here are 4 ways to get the most out of PLUS: 1) Encourage your child to earn Maybe your child earns their pocket […]

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Give Goals a go!

Put your kids in charge of their spending priorities with the RoosterMoney Goals feature. Goals..

Cartoon, shiny jar of coins with decorative origami overlaid in the corners

Transforming Pocket Money

RoosterMoney is designed to answer one question: How do I as a parent teach my children the same values I learned as a child? In this post, I want to talk a little about the motivations behind why we have built¬†RoosterMoney¬†and the problems we are trying to address. We are becoming a cashless society Gone […]

RoosterMoney logo on an origami dark blue background, with origami decorating the corners and red headphones, a pot of coins and a list of goals overlaid

Introducing RoosterMoney

Whether you give your child 20p or ¬£10 a week, we believe in the power of pocket money to help ingrain good money habits early on. And we believe that for lessons to stick, they need to be both fun and simple. Which is why we have created RoosterMoney. RoosterMoney as an idea was born […]