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Kids saving RoosterMoney

8 ways to get your kids excited about saving

The best way to learn is by doing, and by giving your kids a bit more control over their allowance, they can start to make decisions about what to stash away in savings or put towards their goals.   1. Get them logged in 📲 If your child has their own device, they can login […]

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Getting Started with PLUS

Exciting news: RoosterPLUS is here! We’ve listened to parents and children alike and created additional building blocks to power up your RoosterMoney account – and now you can involve the entire family! Here are 4 ways to get the most out of PLUS: 1) Encourage your child to earn Maybe your child earns their pocket […]

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Stash away money in the Safe!

Everyone loves a savvy saver, not least us, but it’s always a tough one when you have to prioritise between saving for a rainy day and getting a new pair of sneakers. Something we baked into the app early on was a special pot for stashing some cash away to make it all a little […]