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Get your kids logged in to RoosterMoney!

RoosterMoney can work brilliantly just for one parent managing pocket money. But it works even better if you get the whole family involved! If they aren’t already, get your kids logging in and taking responsibility for their cash. Your kids can log in to their account just like you. From their account, they can see […]

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Transforming Pocket Money

RoosterMoney is designed to answer one question: How do I as a parent teach my children the same values I learned as a child? In this post, I want to talk a little about the motivations behind why we have built RoosterMoney and the problems we are trying to address. We are becoming a cashless society Gone […]

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Introducing RoosterMoney

Whether you give your child 20p or £10 a week, we believe in the power of pocket money to help ingrain good money habits early on. And we believe that for lessons to stick, they need to be both fun and simple. Which is why we have created RoosterMoney. RoosterMoney as an idea was born […]

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