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My Gator Watch - Screen Time

Top 5 ways to manage your kids’ screen time

Colleen Wong is the founder of My Gator Watch, an investment banker turned entrepreneur, and mum of two. ——— At My Gator Watch, the wearable phone and tracker for kids, we wanted to share some tips on managing your kids screen time – without resorting to arguments! First things first, we appreciate it’s not possible […]

Halloween ideas that won’t break the bank

Halloween doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg 🧟‍♂️ We’ve pulled together some fun & creative Halloween ideas for you and your kids, to help keep costs down whilst saving you pennies this Spooky season!   Costumes 👻 The National Retail Federation forecasts this year’s Halloween spending in the US will reach $9bn. […]

Illustration of Rooster with a gold speech bubble containing YouTube logo and video cassette tape, accompanied by a gold badge in the corner

Fun & educational videos for kids

How we watch TV has evolved significantly from when we were younger. Gone are the Video cassettes and DVDs of old, or waking up early on a Saturday morning in eager anticipation of your favourite TV series! Now many of us are streaming shows on-demand, and as a result we’re seeing lots of great content […]

Rooster Hero Lucy Warwick-Ching with overlaid illustrations of confetti, RoosterMoney logo and cartoon people

Rooster Hero: Lucy Warwick Ching

Our ‘Rooster Heroes’ series brings you financial experts from all over the world, asking them 10 quick fire questions on all things pocket money and allowances – so you learn from the best. This month we spoke to Lucy Warwick-Ching. Lucy is an editor extraordinaire at the Financial Times specialising in personal finance. A working […]

Rooster Family the Luxtons accompanied by illustrated family on sofa and Rooster on teal

Rooster Family Story: Meet the Luxtons

Meet the Luxton family, they’ve been using RoosterMoney for 2 years now and wanted to share how it works for them. It’s fair to say the Luxton children – Mischa (10), Sam (8), & Henry (4) – are learning their financial habits from the best, with Dad (Tim), being a financial advisor in Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺, […]

Rooster Hero Wim Mijs with overlaid illustrations of confetti, RoosterMoney logo and cartoon people

Rooster Hero: Wim Mijs

Welcome to the next instalment in our ‘Rooster Heroes’ series – bringing you financial experts from around the world, and asking them our 10 quick fire questions on all things pocket money and allowances. They’re all leaders in their field, and they’re all people we at RoosterMoney admire. This month we spoke to Wim Mijs. […]

Rooster Family member of the Matuszeks accompanied by illustrated family on sofa and Rooster on teal

Rooster Family Story: Meet the Matuszeks

Meet the Matuszeks. Angela and her two kids Sam (13 years old) & Alex (9 years old). They sent in this amazing video (fully designed and edited) to give us a sense of how they use RoosterMoney and how it’s helped their family routine and understanding of money. It’s so great to see the impact […]

Illustration of a boy under a spotlight pointing at a device with the RoosterMoney app and logo on it, on a dark blue stage with confetti overlaid

Rooster in the News

It’s been a great start to the year for RoosterMoney and all things Financial Education in the press. There have been lots of articles on teaching kids about money, getting into good routines, and how this ‘new wave’ of pocket money apps can help your children learn some valuable life skills. We thought we’d pick […]

Photograph of two Mums introducing their children to each other in an autumn setting, with origami shapes overlaid decorating the corners

Introducing: Meet Other Mums

Last week we met Sally Oddy, founder of Meet Other Mums ( ) It’s a wonderful site all about connecting mums and giving them a much needed space to share their experiences. We loved the idea so wanted to find out more about the service, Sally’s experiences running it, and of course, her views on pocket […]

Bright yellow packet of different coloured crayons with decorative origami overlaid in the corners

Year of the Rooster Competition!

Calling all budding artists! To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, we’re looking for brilliant pictures of a Rooster! Draw one, make one, paint one – whatever you and your kids want to do! Once you’ve done your piece, you can share it on instagram or twitter tagging #RoosterMoneyComp #YearOfTheRooster (be sure to […]

A smiling family of a Mum and three children each holding up a coin, sitting in a living room with origami shapes overlaid decorating the corners

Lucinda’s Pocket Money Routine on RoosterMoney

I have three kids aged 9, 8 and 6 – and here’s my pocket money routine… The children like to know how much they have and they love that it’s black and white on RoosterMoney. Fairness is really important to kids and RoosterMoney is a great way for everyone to know where they are, including […]