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Rooster Families

Discover how families are using RoosterMoney and the things the children have learned along the way!



Rooster Family Story: Meet the Kylven Family

Ross Kylven and his family have been using RoosterMoney since September last year to help better manage their money habits. Dad to Carter and Michelle, Ross runs and advocates financial literacy and independence.

A smiling family of a Mum and three children each holding up a coin, sitting in a living room with origami shapes overlaid decorating the corners

Lucinda’s Pocket Money Routine on RoosterMoney

I have three kids aged 9, 8 and 6 – and here’s my pocket money routine… The children like to know how much they have and they love that it’s black and white on RoosterMoney. Fairness is really important to kids and RoosterMoney is a great way for everyone to know where they are, including […]