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Teaching Kids About Money


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Teaching Children About Money

What’s on this page? Introduction to teaching children about money Talking to kids about money Pocket money Pocket money routines How much pocket money to give Using chores for kids as an educational tool Reward chart systems Money activities for kids Integrating lessons into the everyday Arts and Crafts activities Money activities at home   […]

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Online Piggy Bank

What is RoosterMoney?   RoosterMoney is an online piggy bank designed to help families keep track of pocket money, give rewards and manage an allowance for kids. RoosterMoney acts as an online piggy bank so everyone knows what’s what. Whether you are looking to keep track of money given to your kids as an allowance, or know […]

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11 ways to teach kids about money this summer

It’s the Summer Holidays! The kids are ecstatic, and parents are perhaps a little….apprehensive – How will we keep them occupied? Where should we go? How much will it cost? Well why not use the opportunity to start engaging the kids with some basic money concepts that will not only be fun, but also create […]

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Spring Cleaning Money Making Hacks For Your Kids

Spring is in the air! Well at least for us at RoosterHQ and with Spring comes the annual attempt to declutter and deep clean. Fear not, it’s time for you to sit back, take a supervisory role and kick start some earning and learning with the kids. So here’s our spring cleaning money making tips […]

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Top tips to teach kids the value of money

We are often asked what our top tips are on how to teach kids the value of money. So I thought I would put down some of my learnings on what families using RoosterMoney have done. Teaching with pennies & dimes will prepare them for pounds & dollars As with anything, start small before going […]

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How to Teach Kids About Money At Christmas!

The Christmas Carols are being piped through the supermarket speakers, the mountains of cardboard promotions are carefully positioned to collapse into your trolley as you push past. And you really hope that the kids are watching the box sets in the hope that they won’t be deluged with the latest Hasbro ads. Yep, it’s it’s the […]

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Get your children involved in some family budgeting

In support of Financial Capability Week, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of financial capability, we thought we’d post something to inspire you to get your children on the road to being financially capable themselves. And what better way than getting them involved in some family budgeting! Getting your children involved in the family […]

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Off to your local charity shop? Get your kids involved!

After our post on teaching kids the value of money I thought I would follow up with one of my favourite ways of putting that into practice – getting your children involved with a trip to the local charity shop! Last weekend we carted a car boot full of stuff to our local charity shop. Old clothes […]