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Talking About Needs And Wants

Introducing the difference between Needs and Wants will help your kids decide where to spend right now, and even how to budget in later life. Win-win.


Premium Bonds Ernie 2

A Parent’s Guide to Premium Bonds

Premium Bonds are a saving account with added excitement. Instead of earning interest on your savings, you get the chance to win tax-free cash prizes every month. You might win a million pounds – or you might win nothing at all. However, unlike a lottery, you can always get your savings back.

Rooster Hero Santa Claus

Rooster Hero: Santa Claus

This month we spoke to Santa Claus 🎅! Santa is the CEO of Christmas Co. located in the North Pole. With the help of Mrs. Claus, the elves and their reindeer, they’re in the business of bringing cheer during the holiday season every year.


Talking About Interest

Explaining the basic concept of interest can really jump start your child’s enthusiasm for saving and help avoid running up debts in later life.

My Gator Watch - Screen Time

Top 5 ways to manage your kids’ screen time

Colleen Wong is the founder of My Gator Watch, an investment banker turned entrepreneur, and mum of two. ——— At My Gator Watch, the wearable phone and tracker for kids, we wanted to share some tips on managing your kids screen time – without resorting to arguments! First things first, we appreciate it’s not possible […]

Dark blue banner showing a cartoon illustration of coins in a see-through jar

Teaching Children About Money

What’s on this page? Introduction to teaching children about money Talking to kids about money Pocket money Pocket money routines How much pocket money to give Using chores for kids as an educational tool Reward chart systems Money activities for kids Integrating lessons into the everyday Arts and Crafts activities Money activities at home   […]

Illustration of Rooster with a dark blue speech bubble containing books with a dollar sign overlaid on one, accompanied by a gold badge in the corner

Five Money Books for Parents

There’s always something we could be doing to make smarter choices over our money and some of that you can do from the sofa. We’ve pulled together a list of money books for parents that give some original perspectives on how we can make better financial decisions, financially prepare ourselves for the unexpected and even […]

Cartoon, shiny jar of coins with decorative origami overlaid in the corners

Online Piggy Bank

What is RoosterMoney?   RoosterMoney is an online piggy bank designed to help families keep track of pocket money, give rewards and manage an allowance for kids. RoosterMoney acts as an online piggy bank so everyone knows what’s what. Whether you are looking to keep track of money given to your kids as an allowance, or know […]

The RoosterMoney logo wearing glasses with a speech bubble coming from its beak stating it's in partnership with Toucan Box, with sticky tape and a gold medal decorating the sides against a blue origami background

5 crafty ways to teach kids about money

Learning how to handle money can be tricky. So tricky that a lot of adults are still yet to master it. So teaching children how to deal with money can seem like a real minefield. Not only do you have to educate them about handling cash and coins, and addition and subtraction, but you also […]

The RoosterMoney logo in a origami shape with a speech bubble saying Alexa, open RoosterMoney, accompanied by illustrations of the Amazon echo devices against a multi-coloured origami background

Families can now access RoosterMoney from their Amazon Alexa devices

You can search for the ‘RoosterMoney’ skill from your Amazon Alexa app and Enable it for your family. Use your parent login details to link you account and then say ‘Alexa, open RoosterMoney’! We developed the RoosterMoney skill for Amazon Alexa to act as a family hub where everyone can find out how much is owed to who, who earned […]

Rooster Hero Claudia Hammond with overlaid illustrations of confetti, RoosterMoney logo and cartoon people

Rooster Hero: Claudia Hammond

Our ‘Rooster Heroes’ series brings you financial experts from all over the world, asking them 10 quick fire questions on all things pocket money and allowances – so you learn form the best. They’re all leaders in their field, and they’re all people we at RoosterMoney admire. This month we spoke to Claudia Hammond. Claudia […]

Rooster Family the Luxtons accompanied by illustrated family on sofa and Rooster on teal

Rooster Family Story: Meet the Luxtons

Meet the Luxton family, they’ve been using RoosterMoney for 2 years now and wanted to share how it works for them. It’s fair to say the Luxton children – Mischa (10), Sam (8), & Henry (4) – are learning their financial habits from the best, with Dad (Tim), being a financial advisor in Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺, […]

An illustrated open palm with coins floating above it on a white background with origami shapes decorating the corners

How Much Pocket Money Should I Give?

If you’re looking for answers on how much pocket money or allowance to give, then you’ve come to the right place. We have pulled together some tips and averages to help give you a steer. Remember, these are indicative – pocket money doesn’t have to be expensive. Giving pocket money in the right way (however […]

Illustration of a boy under a spotlight pointing at a device with the RoosterMoney app's give to a charity screen on it, on a dark blue stage with confetti overlaid

Giving just got better

Giving just got better We’ve teamed up with JustGiving, the world’s most trusted online fundraising platform,..

Rooster Family Sam and Miesha accompanied by illustrated family on sofa and Rooster on teal

Rooster Family Story: Meet Sam and Miesha

Meet Sam and Miesha. Their father, Tim, has been using RoosterMoney with them for a year now and sent this wonderful video in capturing exactly what they think of it. We love the detail in here on how much pocket money they get each week, how they earn it, and even that Sam know’s the […]

Illustration of Rooster with a gold speech bubble containing a phone and maths symbols, accompanied by a gold badge in the corner

10 Best Math Apps for Kids

There are a lot of educational Apps out there, but not all will hit the mark. We’ve done the hard work of separating the wheat from the chaff 🌾 and have evaluated these 10 best math apps for kids so our Rooster Families don’t have to do the work. Best math apps for kids under […]

Rooster Family champion Tosha accompanied by illustrated family on sofa and Rooster on teal

Rooster Family Story – Meet Tosha, Finley & Vivian

Meet Tosha, a busy mum running her own business, and her two kids, Finley, who’s 8, and Vivian who’s 6. We went to visit their family home to catch-up on how they use RoosterMoney and how it’s affected their pocket money routine.

Illustration of a boy under a spotlight pointing at a device with the RoosterMoney app's Spend pot boost screen on it, on a dark blue stage with confetti overlaid

Review past activity with the new Pot History

To kick off the year, we thought it would be nice if you and your kids could reflect on past transactions. So we’ve added a new History feature which lets you look back at activity in your Spend, Save and Give pots! Just click the total from the pot you’re in, and voila, you have that pot’s History! […]

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Spread the Love

Thanks for supporting us on our mission! We believe the world would be a better..

An illustration of a notepad, pencil, pen and shining piles of coins against a blue background with origami shapes decorating the corners

Get your children involved in some family budgeting

In support of Financial Capability Week, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of financial capability, we thought we’d post something to inspire you to get your children on the road to being financially capable themselves. And what better way than getting them involved in some family budgeting! Getting your children involved in the family […]

Cartoon open palm with a shining blue heart above it, on a dark navy blue background with origami in the corners

Off to your local charity shop? Get your kids involved!

After our post on teaching kids the value of money I thought I would follow up with one of my favourite ways of putting that into practice – getting your children involved with a trip to the local charity shop! Last weekend we carted a car boot full of stuff to our local charity shop. Old clothes […]

The RoosterMoney switch-user and child PIN log-in screens on devices against a gold background with origami shapes decorating the corners

Get your kids logged in to RoosterMoney!

RoosterMoney can work brilliantly just for one parent managing pocket money. But it works even better if you get the whole family involved! If they aren’t already, get your kids logging in and taking responsibility for their cash. Your kids can log in to their account just like you. From their account, they can see […]

The RoosterMoney child dashboard screen against a dark blue origami background with origami shapes decorating the bottom corners

Getting Started with RoosterMoney

Welcome! You’ve joined thousands of other families in getting pocket money sorted. Watch our overview video and read our 5 tips to make the most of RoosterMoney. View video on Vimeo >> 1. Add your kids & set an automatic allowance “No more arguing about whether or not allowance was paid.” (ScallywagPA, 5 star rating) Weekly, […]

Photograph of a boy looking at a phone in a garden

Give Goals a go!

Put your kids in charge of their spending priorities with the RoosterMoney Goals feature. Goals..

Cartoon, shiny jar of coins with decorative origami overlaid in the corners

Transforming Pocket Money

RoosterMoney is designed to answer one question: How do I as a parent teach my children the same values I learned as a child? In this post, I want to talk a little about the motivations behind why we have built RoosterMoney and the problems we are trying to address. We are becoming a cashless society Gone […]

A smiling family of a Mum and three children each holding up a coin, sitting in a living room with origami shapes overlaid decorating the corners

Lucinda’s Pocket Money Routine on RoosterMoney

I have three kids aged 9, 8 and 6 – and here’s my pocket money routine… The children like to know how much they have and they love that it’s black and white on RoosterMoney. Fairness is really important to kids and RoosterMoney is a great way for everyone to know where they are, including […]

RoosterMoney logo on an origami dark blue background, with origami decorating the corners and red headphones, a pot of coins and a list of goals overlaid

Introducing RoosterMoney

Whether you give your child 20p or £10 a week, we believe in the power of pocket money to help ingrain good money habits early on. And we believe that for lessons to stick, they need to be both fun and simple. Which is why we have created RoosterMoney. RoosterMoney as an idea was born […]